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Frequently Asked Questions?

1. What is a Website Builder?

A Website Builder is an integrated web solution created for independent professionals like, doctors, attorneys, musicians, models etc and small businesses like restaurants, salons etc. Website Builder brings together different aspects which are needed to put a professional site together.

You can sign up for a single package that includes,

a) Domain Registration
b) Website Hosting
c) Website Builder

Since all the three services are provided as an integrated solution it saves your time, money and a lot of effort.

2. Will I be able to get my own domain name?
Yes. You can select a domain name of your choice, subject to its availability. Your website will be published to your own domain name when you create or edit it.

3. Will I get email accounts for my domain name?
Yes. You will be able to create your own email accounts like The number of email accounts depends on the package you purchase.

4. Can I view my emails online?
Yes. You can check your emails online. Detailed instructions will be provided once you sign up.


Will I be able to download my emails in my favorite email client like, Outlook, Eudora etc?

Yes. You will be provided with configuration settings to download and manage your emails from desktop applications like Outlook, Eudora etc.

6. Will I be able to see my site's visitor statistics?
Yes. You can see details of your site's visitor statistics by logging into the members section.

7. I already have a domain name registered. Can I use it with you?
Yes. You can use an existing domain name by simply updating the name server information. Details are provided on signing up. You can also contact support to assist you in this.

8. How does the Website Builder work?

The Website Builder enables users to generate and maintain a full multimedia Flash web site with utmost ease. The users get to choose the website design of their choice from 100+ flash designs .The user can edit the content like text, images etc on the flash website of his/her choice and select music of his/her choice. No programming skills or knowledge is required to build your flash website using the Website Builder.

9. I need to make a few changes to the website I built using the Website Builder, What should I do?

You can log into the members section and click on "Edit Site" to invoke the site builder and make the necessary changes.


10. Can I edit the menu items of the flash templates using the site builder?
  Yes. You can edit the menu items as per your requirements. The site builder provides you with a text editing interface which will enable you to create web content as per your requirement.

11. How often can I edit the website I built using the Website Builder?
  You enjoy unlimited editing access to the website you create using the Website Builder - all through your subscription period.

12. How do I host my website?
  We have an integrated web hosting solution. This means all you have to do is click "publish " and the website will be automatically published to your own domain.

13. I still see the old site after I have modified it. What should I do?
  Please delete the temporary internet files and refresh your browser window. You will be able to see your modified files.

14. I am a MAC user and am' not able to view or edit my website files using the sitebuilder. What should I do?
  Please download 'Safari browser' at the following link and install it on your MAC. You should be able to view the files as well as edit your website using the site builder.

15. What are the differences between Lite, Standard and Premium Versions of Website Builder?
  Features Lite
   No. of Pages
   Flash Intro
   Image Gallery
1 (50 images)
10 (500 images)
   Themes Included
   Designs Included 300+
   Site Design Possibilities
   Unlimited Editing
   Access to Music Library
   Your own custom music
   Access to Image Library
   Your own Images
   Meta Tags
   Visitor Statistics
   Main Pages
   Sub Pages
   Popup Pages
  Hosting Services
   Domain Name Registration
   Domain Name Transfer
   Site Hosting
   Email accounts
   Hosting Space
150 MB
500 MB
1 GB
   Bandwidth (monthly)
5 GB
15 GB
25 GB
New Features  
Premium Plus All Features of Premium Pack + Add up to
10 Videos and 10 MP3 music files
Premium Store All Features of Premium Pack + Add up to 240 Products in 10 Categories!
Premium Store Plus All Features of Premium Pack + Add up to 240 Products in 10 Categories! + Add up to 10 Videos and 10 MP3 Music Files!

16. Can I insert my own images in the website?

Yes. You can add your own images to the site. Please note that the images can be in jpg format only.

17. Can I add my own music in the website?

Yes. Please note that the music can be in mp3 format or swf format only.

18. How many pages can I have in my site?
You can have up to 110 pages in your site.

19. Once I create a site with a particular theme, can I change it later?
  Yes. You can change the theme whenever you want using the Website Builder.

20. Once I create a site with a particular animated design, can I change it later?
  Yes. You can change the design whenever you want using the Website Builder.

21. Do I get the .Fla source files for the sites?
No. The .Fla source files are not a part of the builder.
Published sites contain the final .swf files only.
22. What kind of videos can I add to my site?
You can add any video you want! It could be an introductory message, a product presentation video, videos of founders, management team or anything else you think is appropriate for your site.
23. How do I shoot the videos?
Videos can be shot with Handycams, Cell Phones or Webcams that are voice enabled.

What format of videos do you support?

The videos should be uploaded in .FLV format.
25. My camera does not save video in FLV format. What should I do?
You can convert your videos that are in MPEG, WMV, MOV formats to FLV using a simple converter tool.
You can download it free here
. Video to FLV convertor download it free here.
26. Is there a limitation on the video and mp3 files that can be uploaded?
The videos files should not be more than 10 minutes in length and 10MB in size each.
The MP3 files should not be more than 10MB in size each.

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